I'm often prone to bouts of misplaced optimism.

Now practicing: Moderate Hedonism

16 April
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Ramblings of an unfortunately sober, dorky, spider-lovin' English teacher.
Also: daughter, music addict, editor, verbal prankster, amateur poet/playwright, ubuntu user, dreamer, lifetime student, Neil Gaiman-follower, egomaniac, moderate hedonist, wordplay connoisseur, amateur philosopher, graphic artist-wannabe, occasional 15-minute existentialist, SUGIZO fangirl, geek, bookworm, Beatles-worshipper, goth, a lover of many things quirky and weird... among other identities.
Hello there. Nice to meet'cha.

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SUGIZO ♥ Ryuichi Sakamoto ♥ Takeru Satoh ♥ 雅-MIYAVI- ♥ John Lennon ♥ David Bowie ♥ Gackt ♥ Jang Geun Suk
YOSHIKI ♥ hide ♥ Hugh Laurie ♥ Stephen Fry ♥ Noel Fielding ♥ Yuichi Nakamura ♥ Hirofumi Araki ♥ The Simpsons
Yann Tiersen ♥ Humphrey Lyttelton ♥ Samuel Beckett ♥ Dylan Thomas ♥ John Keats ♥ Kenneth Williams

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